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A God-Given Second Chance!

What you see in this picture is actual reality! We have been able to transform many people and give them a Second Chance in life through our various projects.
What We Do?

Changing lives! That’s what we do!

Here’s a gist of all our activities.


We strive to Rescue people who are on the brink of death. Every human being deserves the basic right to LIVE. We ensure this by rescuing them, No matter what the condition!


The people that we rescue are often in the sunset days of their lives. Most of them are terminally ill and have gone past the recovery phase. Still, we do our best to rehabilitate them through a number of programmes conducted by volunteers and staff


The people who survive the rescue and rehabilitation phase are now permanent residents with us and we at Second Chance take all efforts to trace out the family of the individual. Many a time, people have been reunited across the country back to their families.


We conduct awareness programmes among the community and also conduct workshops and talk shows in colleges to bring to light social issues such as the beggars mafia, senior citizen rights etc.
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Our Mission

The Second Chance Trust is to provide basic human needs- Food, Clothing, Shelter and Medical help to the victims of abandonment or Forced Slavery through the help of an all powerful God and a dedicated team.

Our Vision

The Second Chance envisions a society which would be beggar-free and destitute free. We also anticipate that modern day slavery would stop completely and every district in india would have a Second Chance Home
Meet Our Team

Our Core Team

Therisa Gopi

Head of Operations

Jacinth Paul

Media Head

How Can You Help?

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